Monday, January 31, 2011

February Numbers, Holidays, The Law of Vibration (2)

February 2011 (6) and Numerology
February, the second month (2) plus 2001 (4) = 6. This is the number of the human Soul because six is symbolic of the union between Fire and Water. It is also the number of ambivalence and effort (in Pythagoras’ Arithromancy, the number Six equates to “Perfected Labor).
Six is considered a ‘Perfect number’ because it equals the sum of its divisors (1+2+3=6) and is divisible by both a 3 (odd) and a 2 (even) thus harmoniously combining the elements of each.
  •  It has been connected with the number of days of creation and as such is symbolic of the cessation of effort. 
  • It is the number of love, marriage and domestic happiness.
  • It is also a hermaphroditic number.
Since sixes are romantically inclined and lean to the ideal in all matters of the heart, it no mystery that this is the month of Valentine’s Day. Everything for a Six must be harmonious, balanced, artistic and romantic.
Holidays in February
February 2nd (Northern Hemisphere) is the day Imbolc which is a time to celebrate the goddess Brighid, and the end of winter. If you live below the equator, Imbolc is celebrated on August 1st. Unlike solstice and equinox celebrations, these dates don’t change from year to year.
Imbolc celebrates the time of first sign of thawing of streams or other very early signs that winter is waning. It marked the beginning of the lactation of pregnant ewes. The word Imbolg means “in the belly”, and is celebrated in the “quickening of the year” when life is first stirring in the belly of Mother Earth. The goddess Brigit (in Ireland), who is important to hearth and smith fires and poetry, is important at this festival. It is the first day of Spring in the Pagan calendar.
The 14th of February (Valentine’s Day) was named after one or more early Christian martyrs named Valentine and was established by Pope Gelasius I in 500 AD. The day first became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. (This excerpt was paraphrased from .)
Valentine’s Day is the day you will still see school children carrying, albeit slyly their home-made card for the teacher or that special other person, maybe even taking home the card made for mom from school.
No matter how bad we think our world is overall and that it is going in all the wrong directions, there is still Valentine’s Day.
February (2) and The Universal Law of Vibration
Since we are also talking about the Universal Laws this year, February being the second month (and my birth month) brings us to The Universal Law of Vibration. I particularly like talking about this Universal law as it states that everything in the Universe has a specific, unique vibration. This means that all living things which vibrate in the same range are attracted to each other and the opposite is also true. This is why we are attracted to some things or people and not attracted to others.
As we grow in our spiritual understanding our vibrational frequency changes. When we do this we may cease to be attracted by those still vibrating in the range we used to also vibrate in. This has proven true in my own life over the last three years anyway. When my mother died I realized all the family above me were gone or unavailable to me. I was now eldest my family. I began to just wander from here to there, testing places and people to see where I fitted – to learn who I had become in the years of care-giving and spiritual growth.
I travelled to places and purposefully connected with people I had known for years. Many of those earlier relationships were no longer viable. I wasn’t thinking along the lines of vibrational incompatibility. I now understand from my study of this Universal Law just how right it has been in my life. There are a very few long-time friends and there are many new people with whom I’ve connected and am now even creating a different kind of family these days.
We are vibrating on the same frequency. Just knowing this is true helps me to understand what hurt and baffled me about when I encountered discomfort, even anger and animosity from people and places where I had been kindly welcomed in earlier days.
I work with vibrational energy every day. I understand all is energy and all is vibrating at different frequencies. I also work with color and sound both again having specific frequencies and harmonics. It is interesting that I didn’t see this in the people I had once known and been close with and how touched I felt and still feel when I encounter a person, place or thing who and which vibrates in concert with my own vibrations.
There are 10,000 pounds of household goods from my life and the lives of my family members now gone, sitting in storage in a place far from me. I occasionally wish I had something from storage and find after looking everywhere for it that I do well without it. One day I will go visit the contents of the storage unit and feel the vibrations there, taking only those items which vibrate for me, giving others the chance to experience the rest of my former possessions.
I now know that with the completion of the lessons and experiences from 2000 to 2004 I had in my isolation, intention and attention on my mother’s needs moved out of my previous vibrational level and that is why I became ready for change.
I understand my change in vibration today and know the present “now” in which I live is showing me that I am learning and growing and that I have begun taking on new experiences.
I offer this to encourage you to look at your present “feeling” state, to check how you are vibrating. Ask what attracts you now and see if it is different from what you were attracted to just a while ago.



January 2011 (4) Meanings and Universal Law #1

In numerology this coming year 2011 resolves to the number 4 when each of the numbers in it are added together. The number four has long been considered a sacred number of the Pythagoreans representing completion, solidity, stability and equilibrium.

Often referred to as the most primitive of numbers 4 is a “safe” number. It is a feminine number.

Many cultures have four-numbered names for God—Allh (Arabian, Adad (Assyrian), Amun (Egyptian), Itga (Tartar, and Esar (Turkish).

Universally the meaning of the number 4 is the world, the Earth, the Establishment, the number of foundation and solid matter. The points of the compass, the seasons, the elements (earth, air, fire and water), the winds. There are four aspects of the self: physical body, astral body, soul and spirit. There are four functions: sensation, feeling, logical thought and intuition. Four physical senses: hearing, taste, feeling, smell. Four aspects of matter: mineral, gaseous, animal and vegetable.

This “Four” year is one of building, organizing, being efficient, industrious and extremely practical. It is a year of being more “down-to-earth”, more respectable. It indicates a time to slow down and take life more seriously.
During this year I will be taking each of the twelve Universal Laws and talking about them a bit. We’ve heard a lot about the Law of Abundance from movies like the Secret. It is easy to forget there are many other Universal Laws which have been pondered and meditated on for centuries.

The first of these twelve Universal laws is the Law of Divine Oneness - This law is based on the belief that everything is connected and that everything we believe, think, say and do affects everyone and everything in the universe.

Many people have believed throughout time in the oneness of all things and more and more I’ve heard and read the works of others who have come to ponder the oneness of all in this life.

If we are all connected and everything we believe, think, say and do affects everyone and everything in the universe why are some of us trying so hard to find the differences instead of the similarities among people. Why do we find it so hard to celebrate our unity and so very easy to spend billions of dollars and millions of lives making war on one another for what—the bounty of the earth? In the name of God? Domination, control and power.

“He drew a circle to keep me out,
A thing of scorn, and a thing to flout.
But love and I had the wit to win:
We drew a circle that took him in.”
Edwin Markham

I so love this sentiment. If God is then God is everything — and what does that leave out? No thing. So rather than wrestling with others by thought, word or deed, we can pay attention to what we think about all day long. That is what we become, so if I want more chaos and anger in my life I need to pay attention to what I’m thinking about and if my thinking is chaotic and angry, I can stop! Turn around and change my mind. Put my attention on what my intentions are and look up, tune my thoughts to things that give me courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace and enlightenment.

Sounds like a heavy load to change my thinking to. These words are from the Map of Consciousness from “Power vs. Force” by Sir David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD. . They resonate at frequencies higher than 100 Hertz and send the harmonies of their word name out and out to cover all of us — our other-selves.