Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Mayan Vacation

In 1993 I was going to go on vacation to Cancun, Mexico and visit the Mayan Ruins. I’ve been a student of ancient history most of my life. Being a practical sort of person, I bought a travel guide for Mexico and read it. In the back were very strange symbols and number counts. It was the Mayan calendar. The article said no one had successfully figured out the calendar as yet.
Well that was like waving a red flag to this number lover’s brain. I didn’t go to Cancun, I stayed for the better part of a week on my couch figuring out the Mayan Calendar. Then for reasons unknown to me I needed to use Numerology on my results and then I needed to draw connect-a-dots using the numbers.

This is my poor drawing. It is shown in relief here. It is the result of what resolved from my Mayan calendar calculations. I did actually “get” the calendar, but this drawing was compelling to me.

A few years later, I walked into a book store and sitting on a table was a laminated picture with Mayan symbols on it. This is what it looked like:

Borrowed from http://www.weinhold.org/ “2012 Ascension, Rebirth and the Dimensional Shift”, Janae B. Weinhold.

The areas which look black match my inverted drawing and I was drawn to get closer to the piece. When I read the descriptions of the calendar and divination use as that is what this piece was primarily for, I saw that the sections which matched my drawing from years earlier were the high holy days in the Mayan calendar. My travel guide did not say anything about holy days.
I tell this story because it reinforces my belief in the hundredth monkey syndrome or the Knowing Field or the Polymorphic Field or any of the other names for Universal Consciousness. That place where everyone knows everything all at once.

How many times have you heard or read of someone creating something that your grandfather or mother or someone you know had already created years before. Maybe you have it the one they made and now you see them mass produced and for sale in stores. Many folks I’ve talked to have stories like that or other tales of that sort.

I took a class once where the instructor stepped up to a white board and started making black magic marker dots all over the paper. When she was finished she had created a loose outline of a T-rex. She turned to the class and said, “Before the Tyrannosaurus Rex came into existence on the earth there was an energetic signature (polymorphic field) already in existence of the T-rex.

So, what I believe about energy is that it is “all”. We are energetic beings, so is every other being and thing we can find names for. It’s all about energy. What I think about is what I get, immediately. I’ve heard it said that the Universe always says yes. So if we are what we think about, then we will get more of that from the Universe which always says yes.
If my thoughts are on Love, Joy, Peace, Truth and Freedom more of that is going to come into my space which means it will also increase in the Universal Consciousness because I am just one leaf on the tree, I’m not the whole tree. We are all one.
Language fails in the new energy paradigm in which we now live. The word “I” doesn’t work anymore if “we” are all one, nor does the word “You”. Some people use the phrase “he is my other self”. That’s too bulky for me to wrap my tongue around so I’ll stick with “we” for a while.
We can do together what I can’t do alone. “We” is inclusive and brings us all together. “I” fosters isolation and disconnection.

I so love the gift I was given when a dear elder friend told me I needed to find a teacher because my hands were open for healing energy. I experienced being in a waking coma from Encephalitis and Meningitis in 1989. Most adults don’t survive those two diseases together and if they do, they are usually severely brain and neurologically impaired or so I’ve been told. Few live autonomous lives. I had to learn to walk, talk, read, write, all that again. I bought children’s primer books to learn to write. A good friend took me to a class on Calligraphy because it had big letters and the method of creating them was slow and deliberate.

Now people sometimes ask me to teach about energy, the use of the pendulum in everyday life, the healing energy of color, sound and stones. Everything is alive. The rebar used to reinforce buildings is alive. Wood, plastic, cotton, trees, and your coffee or tea cup are all alive. They are constantly moving. When someone breaks a brick with their hand, they are aligning the energy of their hand to that of the brick so as to let their hand pass through the brick and break it in two.

There is much in our world we have been seeing, waking up to knowing and are coming to know or believe that has to do with things we couldn’t see, hear, or touch before. More people are telepathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, psychic, intuitive and just plain understand of things they otherwise have no way of knowing.

There’s that Knowing Field again. The Polymorphic Field which held the perfect energy signature of the T-rex before it came into existence on this earth. This field also held the energetic signature for everything that has come to exist in our world, for everything that is yet to exist in our world. Or is it that it all exists at the same time we just don’t see it, isolate it – whatever “it“ is – from the other things we do perceive.

That’s the story of my Mayan vacation.