Saturday, August 28, 2010

Is Reality a Delusion?

  • I have recently been taking a series of classes dealing with Archetypes that we tend to live in or move through in our lives on our “Rising in Consciousness” way. You may find more information about these and other classes as taught by my friend, Gage Tarrant at or email her at . She suggests reading the book, The Hero Within: Six Archetypes We Live By written by Carol S. Pearson. You may purchase any of the books suggested here from through my website here on the Calendar and Bookstore tab.

    As I’ve been studying these courses I’ve been intrigued that the word “Delusion” comes up often. Last night as I slept the concept of just what is delusion wandered in and out of my sleeping state so after an entire day of being hounded to write about these things, I’ll share some of the research I’ve garnered this evening along with my own beliefs not necessarily come by through any group affiliation.

  • Scientific and medical communities tend in their pathology (study and diagnosis of disease) to associate illness to delusion or delusion to illness.
  • I’ve seen a definition of Delusion as (loosely translated) to be an obstinate adherence to a belief even when it causes harm to the “believer”.

    The writers go on to describe “delusion” as a belief that is false, fanciful, or derived from deception. When I looked up “deception” I found a definition of it as being: a deceit, bluff and/or mystification and sleight of hand to put forth beliefs that are not “true”.

    Someone quoted from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, where the White Queen says, “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” And they go on to use this quote in judgment of people who hold beliefs which these writers believe to be false to fact.

    So I looked up “truth” and was overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of theories about truth. There were nine or ten different theories about “truth” and whole groups of believers lined up in support of their favorite truth theory.

    Some said a thing was truth when it conforms to external reality. Hmm, “What’s real asked the Velveteen Rabbit?” This is a quote straight from the well known children’s book The Velveteen Rabbit, by Margery Williams which claims no relationship at all to “external reality”. Other theorists said truth is constructed by society. Another group proposes that truth is whatever more than one person might agree to.

    One of my favorites is the group who say that something is true when it is seen to be true and they give the example of “snow is white is true”. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen a lot of snow in my time and not every particle of it is white so for me that blows that theory out of the winter wonderland.

    I liked what Kierkegaard had to say about truth. He talks about objective and subject truths. I have brown eyes. That is an objective truth. I believe politicians are inherently dishonest or they become corrupted after they are in office and then become dishonest. This is a subjective truth and in my reality it is “my” truth.

    My interest in what is and what isn’t “delusion” stems from my own belief based on my experience and observation of other’s stated beliefs that people who name a belief delusional just don’t understand the situation.

    This goes along with the article I wrote here a few months ago about “Contempt prior to Investigation” from a quote ascribed to Herbert Spencer.

    If we are to become consciously risen people who co-create our lives for the highest and best good of ourselves and all beings, how can we even consider naming some else’s belief or beliefs as a lie (false to fact) or a delusion?

    I believe judgment is an outgrowth of “fear” or (false evidence appearing real) and that it falls far below the “critical level of integrity” which you can find on the “Consciousness Scale” created by Dr. David Hawkins, MD, PhD. (You can purchase his book, Power vs. Force from this site or any book store or you can go to his website at: )

    It is my “subjective truth” that we are all one and that we are all here to heal one another. I’ll even go farther and state my belief that we can rise in consciousness and heal the wounds of our past easily, effortlessly and with grace and strength. We are alive here today to do what we came here to do and I give my intention to those who read this and in a Hololinguistic manner to all beings, to be in enlightenment, peace, joy, love, reason, acceptance, willingness, neutrality and courage.

What is Good about July?

I searched the internet today to find out about July. It seems to be an unremarkable month for me.

The first thing that caught my eye was “I forgot Day” on July 2nd. It appears this is a day to do one of two things 1) just forget things on this day, or 2) offer up cards of “I’m Sorry” because “I Forgot” – a blanket I forgot so I’m sorry for all those things I forgot. I like this day. It might rehabilitate my overall dislike for July.

When I was a kid we took one day a year off for vacation – July 4th. We got up even earlier than usual on our farm to tend to our chores, load the car with goodies and fishing gear then drive to the next farm 3 over and help them do their chores, gather them up along with all their goodies and meet up with two other families who had done the same thing. Then we drove about one hundred miles to a place above Ellensburg called Colockum Pass. We drove off-roads up to a place where there was hopefully a little creek that filled a small pool where we could put our cold foods and set up a day camp.

We kids were sent off to run to the top of the nearest peak and back again and by that time, breakfast was sizzling on our huge cast iron griddle. After breakfast the men and older boy (my brother) would take fishing poles and gear and go off “fishing”. Most years the only fish caught were by the little kids playing in or around the food cooling pool.

We played, fished ate, made ice cream, had a four-family baseball game in the nearby cow pasture using dried cow-pies for bases. There was often a bull either in that field or near it so we had to watch out for hecklers in the form of a bull.

What was most wonderful for me and I wouldn’t know it until we no longer went on that vacation was that on that day July 4th there were no fireworks, no sounds of loud things blowing up, no fear of fire, no fire trucks or ambulance sirens, just lots of wind and sun and fun.

My girl friend/neighbor’s dad, Russell who was about one-third the size of our boy friends’/neighbor’s dad, Del could eat Del’s weight in home-made ice cream. My dad told the best stories and he and I remembered all the words to the songs we liked to sing. My mom and brother remembered the tune to those songs, thankfully.

Everyone shone at baseball and the bull didn’t scare us farm folk one bit. After a full day of fun and sun, we packed it all up, drove home, left everyone off at their farms and returned to ours for evening milking and more chores before bedtime.

I don’t live in a quiet place like that now and haven’t for years, hence my dislike of the 4th of July. I used to go into the mountains for the day to get away from the racket. It was always a toss-up who disliked the noise the most – me or the dogs. So I always took them and my cat too.

I’ve found though that the 4th’s revelers have all moved into the mountains too. They don’t seem to care or know that the fire-crackers the set off cause forest fires and kill the animals and maybe even people. This year I’ve moved back into a more metropolitan area and so can’t run away to quiet from the fireworks. So June 30th I picked up the DVD’s I checked out from the local library and with earphones in place I intend to spend that day as far away as PBS mysteries can take me.

I’ll always have the memories of our annual vacation day and know that the 2nd is I Forgot Day.

According to my internet searching July is also the month of:
Disobedience Day
• Vanilla Ice Cream Day
• Ratcatcher’s Day
• Peach Ice Cream Day
• Fool’s Paradise Day
• Cow Appreciation Day

Well, that all fits in with my happy memories of at least the 4th of July. So maybe I need to revamp my dislike of the entire month just because one or two weeks of it are angry, loud, and dangerous.

I am also reminded that “it” is all good and every day’s a holiday if I just look at it that way.

This month a dear friend is moving into new digs, all my Kith and Kin seem to be well and happy and we are all one.

I’m reminded we are all one because the Seventh Universal Law is the Law of Compensation which gives us proof of the results of our actions. It is the law of rewards and blessings. It works with the Law of Cause and Effect. Here we receive in direct proportion to the energy around our thinking and doing.

The Universe always says “Yes!” so if I’m thinking of how my life is filled with bad things, then I’ll get more bad things and if I’m thinking about how full of abundance and joy my life is that is what I’ll receive more of. And in this month of the Law of Compensation – it’s all about the energy. The more we give the more we can receive.

Oh, and according to my sources, the first Sunday in July which is the 3rd this year is Build a Scarecrow Day. So have a great day building the one scarecrow that is so scary the crows won’t sit on it. And enjoy a lovely garden.