Sunday, March 13, 2011

March (3) and The Universal Law of Action (3)

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. At least that’s what my farmer family always said about this month. In numerology March, the 3rd month is a one of trinities:

· Past, present, future,
· Father mother child,
· Birth, life death

The number 3 in numerology is aligned with the need to work toward success by using or developing our creative talents and to find personal freedom through work.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac for 2011 this is a month of beginnings and endings with much work in between. See: . If I remember correctly, lambing season started at our farm in Eastern Washington in March and we began to work harder as spring was approaching and after lambing season would come planting and then, and then…

I look at the trinities shown above and think of the cycle of life, or circle of life. I love the Peter, Paul & Mary song from the 60’s “To everything there is a season”. As a farm kid I surely know about seasons and all through this life I’ve watched those seasons become cycles and cycles become circles.

I believe we are all here to heal one another and that means not only am I a giver but also a receiver of good health on all four realms; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. When I am in balance I’m closer to the earth and can then feel each season; feel each thing in its season, from the weather to personal relationships. Everything does have a season and in that we can learn to move with grace and ease from one season to another. It feels right that the Universal Law of Vibration from February is followed by the Universal Law of Action.

The Law of Action (3)

From the Twelve Universal Laws, the Third Law – that of Action tells us that we must act, that we must move forward or work in to manifest what we want or dream of on this earth. That we must be our actions should be consistent with our thoughts, dreams, emotions and words.

From earliest times, teachers have spoken and written that we should seek to be grounded in the now and work to be the same on the outside as we are on the inside. I love the phrase, “we are what we think about all day long” from Dr. Wayne Dyer. This means to me that if I think of hostile and angry things then I am going to be a hostile and angry person. If I think of loving and affirming things, I’m going to receive more of those energies – vibrations.
When we judge one another without benefit of any fact, we are judging ourselves and we are living in ignorance. I once lived in a world of sudden violence, hostility, jealousy and hateful feelings. I don’t live there now and haven’t lived there for more of my life than I did live in that world of dark vibrations. I do speak of vibrations and that is because we all and everything does have a vibration, a harmonic even and these vibrations are measurable.

People who practice kinesiology, muscle testing, or dowsing understand that our bodies are quite wise. We know inside what we need and who we need to be around or not. Just ask a potato some day in the grocery store if it wants to come home with you. If your body wants to lean forward the answer is yes, if it wants to lean backward, leave the potato in the store and find one that wants to come home with you. You will be much healthier for this behavior.

Our dreams and wishes, the thoughts we have about these and whether we take action to see these desired things come about is what the Universal Law of Action is all about which similarly is what the numerological description and the Farmer’s Almanac’s description of the month of March and the number 3 is about. Cycles, circles, seasons.

Be in Joy,