Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Not Patience -- It's Faith

I heard Wayne Dyer say this one time in a program he was offering, “Faith is the sound the song bird makes before the dawn.”

I was struck by that vision and have never forgotten it. When I was in my twenties I worked as a station Agent-Operator for the Milwaukee Railroad. I worked all over the rail system in Idaho and Washington. One place in particular I remember well as I had a house provided and lived up in the foothills of mountains. My shift times varied from 8-4, 9-5 or 10-6a.m. That is a backward shift for most and I walked home most mornings in the dark. I called that time of morning Neap time because just as the inexorable tides meet and have a moment of quiet between the incoming the outgoing, the time of day just before daylight breaks has that same stillness, quiet and peaceful feeling about it.

I have heard the interesting “pop” the planet makes as the sun slides out of view in sunset and that is an awesome experience. And I particularly loved starting out in the dark and walking into the dawning and then rising sun as I followed the railroad tracks east toward my old 1930’s two-story home in that small railroad community.

People have asked me often in my life how it is that I can have what seems to them endless patience during times of change, stress and grief. It isn’t patience – it is faith; a word I don’t hear used much anymore in conversation and have yet to hear used in a kind way in any news media.
Right now on our planet many people are afraid. Frightened they will lose what they have or not get enough of what they want. Afraid to speak to the person next to them or make eye contact with anyone they don’t already know. Many people fear the unknown. They fear death or physical harm from outside themselves. For them the world is a scary, dangerous, unfriendly place where no one is to be trusted and it isn’t safe to go anywhere new or different.

And so the world is like that for these frightened people and there seems no relief for their fears. There is no joy, no awe, and no wonder in a fearful life.

Is that they way it is on this ball of dirt we all share? Does it have to be that way?

Some say “no” and I’m one of them for I have heard the song bird sing before the dawn. This small bird sings with faith that another day will dawn. Every day this little bird sings for all of us to hear, sings of another new dawning and another sun rising before it happens.
I have heard it said that the Universe always says “Yes!” and I believe that. And I believe another thing Wayne Dyer talks about in his books, “we are what we think about all day long.”
So, if what I think about all day long is doom and gloom, fear and lack, that is exactly what I am asking for more of in my life. If on the other hand what I think about all day long is abundance, love, harmony, and peace, that is exactly what I’m asking for. And since the Universe always says, “Yes!” these are the things which manifest in my life.

A friend and I have for a few years talked about the possibility of one day being roommates. Every time we’ve discussed it one or both of us have been living somewhere and it hasn’t been possible for us to share a dwelling.

Just recently I moved back from one side of the state to another and my friend moved from another state back to this one. So, we find ourselves both looking for a new place to live at the same time. I love serendipity. We have both searched the rentals and leases on the internet and then narrowed our searches down to seven and went out last week to see them all and find our new “home”.
Not only that, but my friend has been sitting between two potential jobs. This at a time when many people believe there are ‘No’ jobs, she has the interesting dilemma of having two jobs offered to her. It seemed a never-ending process for her as she has been staying with a friend just as I have been.

This morning while writing about the song bird, the chat light went on my computer and it was my friend telling me the decisions have been made and she starts her new job this morning at 10:00 a.m. And since we did found our new “perfect home” last week we can now prepare to move in to that when it is ready for us.

How have we had patience to wait for what we’ve asked the Universe for? It isn’t patience, it is faith. We both believe the world to be a friendly, safe, abundant place and that has made all the difference.

So, if you haven’t already done it, go walk toward the rising sun some morning just before dawn and listen for the song birds who are singing out of joy and possibility with all faith that the sun will rise again. And let yourself feel awe and gratitude.