Friday, October 15, 2010

And With The Leaves Comes October......

People have been talking about 10-10-10 events for months now. I’m a student of numerology and was going to write about this date from that perspective. A friend sent me an email about 10-10-10 which piqued my interest and so I went to the site shown below and read the article Christine DeLorey wrote in a blog about the numerological implications of “tens”, 10-10-10, 10-10-2010, triple digits which appear annually and numerologically appear even before the actual date, i.e. 10-10-2008 which Christine DeLorey (URL below) points out is the first occurrence recently of 10-10-10 because 2008=10. So instead of recreating the wheel I’ll point you to her blog with all support that you read what she has so elegantly put together about this and other dates.

”felt” by Christine DeLorey ©Copyright Christine DeLorey 2010 – all rights reserved

And! Halloween is upon us and with it all its introspection and happiness. Rural, rustic; or “of the country” people now called Pagans have been observing this time of endings and new beginnings for centuries. October 31st is the Eve of the New Year and November 1st is the first day of the New Year. Many believe there is a separation between the physical world and the spirit world. They believe the veil between the living and the dead grows thinner as the end of October draws near. Halloween customs often display element of death. This is a time to remember those who have left this world and of envisioning hopes of renewal and rebirth to come.

My family didn’t call Halloween “year-end”, but it was the end of our farming year. It was also the beginning of a time of celebrating the freedom that concentrated attention to crops; planting, growing, weeding, watering and harvesting. After the farm equipment was put away with other farm tools for the winter we set about preparing for winter which was harsh in Eastern Washington. We lived close to the land, eating what we grew, what we traded for with our neighbors and from what the fish and game we fished for and hunted.

One of my daughters-of-the-heart called me today to give me the information that one of our family’s dearest friends died October 9. He was born in Minnesota, moved to Washington and met and married a lovely woman from farm and logging country in the Snoqualmie Valley. He loved his family, his children, his extended family and then grandchildren and great grandchildren as they came along. He also loved the land and lived close to it. He enjoyed hiking, boating, fishing and bow hunting and many other fun things. He was an excellent pen and ink artist. Years ago he gave me one of his drawings of a soaring eagle. I still treasure it.

The month of October up to the 21st is in the sign of Libra. This is the sign of balance and of balancing the scales. All things seek balance: even water seeks its own level. As the old year passes at the end of harvest a new year begins with the coming of winter - that time of dormancy before spring brings new life to the land. And then the remainder of the month is in the sign of Scorpio

This is a time of reflection and celebration for all the gifts throughout this year. It will be interesting to see what the rest of this month has to offer. It is my hope for all of us that we have hope. That we look forward with mindfulness and look backward with respect and memories of fun and joy.