Saturday, June 5, 2010

All In The Merry Month of May

May is the month of flowers, May 1st is traditionally celebrated in Ireland and Scotland as Beltane and the beginning of summer. Beltane falls halfway between the Vernal equinox (Spring) and Midsummer (Summer Solstice). May also commemorates International Worker’s Day or Labour Day in the U.K. Labor Day was originally celebrated on the 1st of May in the U.S. as well but for political reasons was moved to the first Monday in September in 1887. In 1958 President Eisenhower named May 1 as Loyalty Day and as Law Day.
(Please see to check out the definitions of those new commemorative days.

It is also the day of my father’s birth.

The Internet would have us believe this is a custom not done in this day and age except by those who follow the Celtic traditions. When I was young we did make May baskets and dance around the tetherball pole in the school yard weaving ribbons on it for May Day. Children did this at the elementary school I attended in western Washington. And, we made May baskets to take to our parents, grandparents and the neighbors.

I’m glad to have been a child in a time when these kinds of traditions were looked forward to and there was an innocence in my world anyway that allowed me to skip up to my neighbor’s door, knock on it and hand my neighbor a reed woven basket full of spring and summer flowers.

I didn’t know who my neighbors were then. My parents undoubtedly new them I just wanted to give them pretty flowers for May Day. And they smiled and accepted my gift.

I have moved back to a community I lived in many years ago when the streets were safe, the roads were passable and you could actually know your neighbors, even have a bonfire and song fest in the backyard until the dogs howled and shut us down.

Today, when if I want to take a walk and don’t feel safe walking in the neighborhood I live in I have to get in my car, drive to an open walking track like a high school track then walk around and around the track like a gerbil in a cage.

Interesting times we live in. That’s an old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times”.

An aid car is parked less than a hundred feet from where I sleep. It is parked in a fire zone in the apartment complex I live in. The kids or maybe not just the kids tease the truck because it has an audio alarm which makes loud noises and plays a loud announcement to please step away from the truck. I hear police and aid car sirens or more accurately they are so plentiful now that I don’t really hear them consciously, they just are there in my subconscious. People are shot by angry drivers as they drive on the street I drive on to go to my local library.

When I first moved into the apartment complex I heard whistling one evening and thought how nice that sounded, I hadn’t heard anyone whistle in a long time. Then a teenager told me it wasn’t someone whistling for the fun of it – it was gang members signaling other gang members in code using whistled signals. This is less than thirty feet from where I sleep. And I live in a “nice” neighborhood in a mid-sized town.

How far we’ve come from the May Day dancing and gifting of flowers to the neighbors?

Several people have warned me to be careful about the new bio-warfare killer fungus being sprayed by airplane in what are called Chem Trails. These folks tell me our government is killing us with these “targeted” dispersals of bacterial and viral air borne agents.

Friends of mine are telling me they keep bacterial wipes on their desks at work and don’t touch anything in their office buildings without using these wipes. I’ve not heard that they are wearing gloves and masks to work yet – maybe that’s next.

I believe everything is alive and has a frequency which is constantly being emitted into our world. So if I want to live in a world where May Day baskets are made and happily received I must align myself with those frequencies to keep my thinking on a higher scale.

If I live in fear I open myself up to receiving energies or frequencies whatever you want to call it that will keep me in fear and distrust of others This fear only serves to open me up to accepting illness and disease into my life.

One of my favorite author’s and PBS presenters, Wayne Dyer has said for years that we are what we think about all day long. I believe that. If I’m thinking about doom and gloom, fear and conspiracy that’s what I’ll have in my life. If I’m thinking about how I may serve others, how grateful I am and what gives me joy, that’s what I’ll have in my life.

I choose joy, gratitude and service to others. Happy May Day!