Thursday, February 11, 2010

. . .And We Call It Relationship

I was asked the other day what I thought love is. More precisely, I was asked if I had ever known "that" kind of love. At first I didn't take it seriously - I thought they were talking about the "Across the Crowded Room", Debbie Reynolds and Rock Hudson or Dr. Zhivago "love of a lifetime" love.

That kind of love feels like neurosis to me. An illness one needs to get well from. Over the years my friends and I have talked a great deal about relationships, what we are really talking about is love. I am deeply involved with a loosely organized group of people who have dedicated themselves to seeking and then walking a spiritual path or their own choosing. Our experience tells us we must first seek God and know oursel¬ves [love ourselves] before we can love our fellow man. We also learn to love others and pray they are given that which we most desire in life.

I believe love is a journey of the soul. The soul has no interest in rational, intellectual thought, it is where wonder and imagination grows. Loving soulfully means using our imagina¬tion to see others as they are, not as we would have them be; just to see the wonder of them. To see how we are all created the same yet unique with our own experiences to live and our own diverse roads to travel is a marvel. It is a wondrous thing to spark the curious to know each one. The soul calls out to be amazed at meeting new creations and receiving the gifts they bear.

For me, to love the Divine, my fellow human, creation and myself and to feel love in return is the greatest gift. To be in relationship in a healthy manner, honoring and delighting in the differences of another being, watching them rise in love and daily become who they truly are as I am also honored and sup¬ported to grow and walk my own path is to love and be loved soulfully. There is a time to walk apart, going about our Higher Purpose and a time to come together, to share the silly, intimate and profound parts of our soul, to give time and in the span of time learn to trust enough to have the courage to reveal the dark as well as the light sides of my soul.

We take a risk when we open ourselves to share our soul with another person. The soul knows even though the intellect doesn't that all relationships end. The important lesson is that in the willingness to open and share heart to heart, time is not a factor, only soul's development in the process of relationship. In the timelessness of connecting and bonding, my soul is fed and I am changed for having risked the pain of rejection and loss.

I have a choice. I can choose to live apart, unconscious or I can choose to be open and receptive to life and love.

I have come to believe we can have all things as long as we are willing to let them go.

In a relationship, I see the revealing of my own growth and response to the challenge of risking vulnerability (honesty) with another. The more I become fully conscious, going along my own path, taking the steps to living a spiritual life, the more I see how far I've come by being in relationship with another like-minded person who is also walking their own personal path. When our two imagina-tions come together, we share on a level that has little to do with worldly, sophisticated techni¬ques and more to do with simple, playful, artful, even silly things. This I believe is loving soulfully.

The author of a book quite dear to my heart talks about the great humor and seeming worldliness and levity that people on this path have. How we sometimes shock others at how much fun we have dealing with devastating and deadly diseases. I believe this author under¬stood the soulfulness of recovery.

The relationship we have with one another is intimate and loving, yet fiercely rooted in our desire to have wellness and a spiritual life at all costs.
I am always filled with wonder as people share stories or current life events from a place of such deep pain only to have the next person share their experience in such a way as to have us all in tears of laughter. In the blink of an eye we roll from tears of pain to tears of understanding joy and humor.

And, so . . . . we call the topic relationships, when it is really love we are seeking. There are so many forms of love to experience - that of All That Is (ATI), family and friends, all creation, self and those we choose to love in "that" way.

Maybe my friends were right after all. Love isn't a neurosis one needs to get well from, If the Universal All In All is love as I believe and I am one with that energy, then all things are perfect in my world. Just as my serenity is in direct proportion to my spiritual condition, love is possible to experience in all its forms in direct proportion to how willing I am to be fully present, open and honest in the moment.

Happy New Year - 2010!

I wrote two checks today with 1/1/ on them. It seemed awkward. Is it 010? No, 2010 or just 10? Hmmm, well that felt different so I wrote the check out dated 1/1/2010.

So what is it about this year over other year’s that seems odd and strange?

In Numerology 2+0+1+0 equals the number 3. Three is the number of time and fate – past, present, future. It is the number of family, of trinities in general such as father, mother, child and birth, life, death. The number three concerns matters of creation and procreation representing both spiritual and sexual creative power. It gives energy and receives understanding in return.

Arithromancy or Numeromancy as it is sometimes known, is an ancient offshoot of numerology seldom heard of today. The three in this Pythagorean system means the recognition of the Divine, the soul; destiny

Thursday is the day of the week associated with the number three and with Jupiter. A homily from ancient tales is: Thursday's child has far to go. In astrology, Jupiter rules Sagittarius which has the ability to expand through growth and understanding. 2010 under Jupiter appears to be about truth, philosophy, travel and physical movement.

The gift of Jupiter is to guide us to highest fulfillment and happiness. The key words for Jupiter are: curiosity, openness, expansion, luck, generosity, life purpose, blessings, optimism, and prosperity
Jupiter is said to influence all the good and noble things of life, and lead each of us toward a higher purpose. 2010 should show us more money and a greater sense of meaning. This is a year to take in new ideas, cultures, people, and allow it to add color and dimension to our lives.

In Sacred Geometry, Jupiter is represented by the statue of Jupiter (or Zeus) at Olympus. Which was built in 433 b.c. in Greece and is said to be the real site of the Olympic games, not Mt. Olympus.

The geometrical shape associated with Jupiter is the Triangle. 
Sagittarius is The Archer (21 Nov – 20 Dec.)  It is ruled by Jupiter in its positive aspect. The number associated with Sagittarius is 3 in the positive. The element is fire and key words are: I see.

Sagittarius brings out an extensive attitude, expressing freedom together with an urge to explore beyond our known environment.

As January 1st is the birthday of 2010, in numerology, the lesson to be learned in this year is to be able to express freely. Seize every opportunity for self-expression when it arises and develop it to achieve success through creative talents. This is the year to find personal freedom through work. It is the year for the journalist, writer, artist, musician and entertainer.

All things are made of energy. Color, sound and stones all have energetic signatures and vibrate at particular frequencies. The primary colors for the number three are: all shades of mauve, and violet through to the palest purples and lilacs. Subsidiary colors are blue, rose pink and yellow. Colors to avoid are greens, black and grey, also dark browns.

The gem stones associated with the number three are: amethyst and garnets.

Music also has measureable vibrations and the number three is associated with
music which is bright and cheerful usually with a pronounced beat.

Pythagoras has been credited with creating a system of number and letter combinations which were and are still used to “divine” meaning from names, dates and addresses to name some uses. The number three is related to the letters C, L and U.

C is the third letter in the English alphabet representing ‘energy’. The characteristics of this letter are: good-humored, extravagant, dexterous, orator and an organizer.

L is the twelfth letter of the alphabet representing ‘action’. The characteristics of this letter are: benevolent, management, loyal talented, balanced and travel.

U is not only the twenty-first letter of the alphabet but also the fifth and last of the ‘true’ vowels. It represents ‘accumulation’. The characteristics of this letter are: clever, fascination, acquisitive, fortunate and retentive memory.

Our mission in 2010 is to uplift and inspire others. We must learn how to communicate on all levels, improve our knowledge of the world around us. Use time wisely. Concentrate on one thing at a time and come to understand the real meaning of friendship.

The number three has always been regarded as the sublime number and this is evident in the Greek word ‘Trismegistos’ which means thrice greatest or eminently great. To the Pythagoreans it was the number of excellence because it has a beginning, middle, and end. Spells are often repeated three times, fairy tales are full of instances of the number three in the form of wishes, guesses or riddles and, in mythology, Neptune carried a triple-pronged staff. The Delphic Oracle held the tripod in great esteem.

Happy New Year! May this “3 year” bring you abundance on every realm and in all your endeavors.

Blessings, Jane