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August (8) the First Fruits of the Harvest

On our farm August was month for praying the Sun was strong, Water plentiful and the Wind didn’t blow down your wheat crop. In mountain foothills August was prone to thunderheads and so there we prayed for no cloud to ground lightening. – no fire.

The Numerological Description of the Number 8

The Greeks called 8 the number of justice because of its equal divisions of equally even numbers. Numerologically it represents what is solid and complete. The number 8 also represents cycles of time – the four seasons sub-divided once more by the two solstices and equinoxes. In Christian symbolism it stands for the afterlife. It is considered the number of regeneration . The figure 8 has long been believed to represent the joining of the two spheres of heaven and earth. It is the number of the force which exists between earthly order (the square) and the Universal order (the circle). It is associated with the balancing of forces, the equilibrium of different forms of power and with infinity with its symbol for which is an eight on its side.

8. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

We each of us manifest with every thought we have. Universal Law 8 tells us that we all have within us the ability to change our lives. We can change the condition of our lives, our world and our Universe. Since everything is about energy anyway, when we change our thinking, our beliefs and our actions we are changing the frequency of our energy and we do this every minute. With conscious intention to put our thinking in the higher vibrations we move out of lower vibrations. Through introspection and trusting our innate understanding of what “feels” correct – not what necessarily “feels” good -- just what feels correct. We all know what the small, still voice or the wrenching of our stomach or a sense of peace, awe and wonder is like.

I work with energy every day in my business. Occasionally the process I use will ask that the client seek to experience feeling Love twice as high as Fear. I ask them to close their eyes and see what gives them Joy. When my client does this, I usually see a smile or a small tear appear when they have envisioned that memory of a Joyful experience. And the in that process their Joy is mirrored back to them in a feeling of calm, well-being and happiness. It is an honor to be part of a person’s movement into higher states of vibration and away from the lower vibrations which have caused them unhappiness and possibly harm.

When we “know” what being what my teacher called “Sovereign”, we will always know how to go to that feeling space again. There is a practice in the discipline of Chi Quoung where one learns to come to the state of high energy on the Inner and then move that state out into the Outer. The saying, “As Above, so Below and As Within, So Without” speaks to this moving of energy. First gathering it within, then moving it out and even further out until we see it fill the Universe or whatever we can envision as sending Joy back to the Source.

As we study the previous Universal Laws we see that we are all one and that what we think, believe, say and do affects others. We also see that everything in the Universe moves. Things vibrate creating a frequency a movement of energy. We find that when we understand Laws 1 and 2, we soon see that we must act. The phrase, “Nothing happens until something moves” is so appropriate with the 3rd Law. Then we come to see nothing happens by chance because every action has a reaction or consequence. The 6th Law shows us that there is a visible, tangible effect from our thinking, beliefs and actions. “What goes around comes around.” As we place our attention on the 7th Law we see that we attract the people, situations and “things” into our lives.

As one concept or “Law” flows into another one we become and we become acquainted with what is happening in the “microcosm” that which is on our Inner, we learn that we can move what we experience to a Macrocosm or we might say, we are sending energy to the Universe or back to the Source.

Massage practitioners are trained to not move their hand in one long motion where they would leave their client’s arm for instance because that movement of energy would continue off the end of the fingers and create a “string” of energy to connect the client and the Massage practitioner. We unwittingly create these “aka” strings and between us and others and then wonder why we are exhausted. When I finish a session with a client, I go around them and energetically “cut” any energy strings (aka strings) which might have been created during the session. With the residual energy, I see it move away from myself and my client, out of the room, around the earth and far and perpetually out into the Universe as healing energy. Taking this bit of time leaves me and my client feeling refreshed and even the room feels more clear and inviting.

This practice embodies the Universal Law of Perpetual transmutation of Energy.

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