Saturday, January 14, 2012

JUNE (6) –Universal Law #6 The Law of Cause and Effect

In Numerology (6) is said to be the number of the human Soul because six is symbolic of the union between Fire and Water. It is the number of relaxation and effort. It is also a ‘Perfect number’ because it equals the sum of its divisors (1+2+3=6) and is divisible by both a 3 (odd) and a 2 (even) thus harmoniously combining the elements of each. Six has been ascribed to the number of days of creation and therefore symbolic of the cessation of effort and to the number of love, marriage and domestic happiness. It is a hermaphroditic number.

Fire has long been related to passion, creativity and power. Water is associated with emotion, imagination and intuition. The Six being a number of harmony can strike the chord between peace and war, assertion and aggression. It can signify the unity between human and god.

For people with a date of birth which when added together equals 6 they have the challenge to be of service to others and give help and support when it is called for.

Six: The Law of Cause and Effect

I’ve heard it said that if we make a decision based on self that we will be disappointed or hurt by down the road. I believe this and have seen and experienced it often. I also believe that what I think about all day long is what I ask the Universe for and the Universe always says, Yes!” So what I cause to happen will bring an effect to others or back to me. If as I’ve heard said, “If you squeeze a lemon you get lemon juice.” So if what I think about all day is what I lack or don’t like or don’t want or don’t something else, what I will get is more of what I don’t want.

Conversely, if what I think about is how I can make a change for peace, or for the “good” or whatever, that is what I’ll get more of since the Universe always says, “Yes”.

People tell me changing their thinking is too hard or they’re too old and it will take too long to make a change and other words like that. I have come to believe for myself that if I desire change it can happen all at once. We manifest with every breath we take. We are constantly manifesting. If we aren’t manifesting what we do want then we can change that right now, this instant, this next right now.

Some people are looking forward to June as a summer season, for other’s it is cold and rainy with Thunderstorms and tornados coming down the pike. As young people graduate from high school and college traditionally in this month, they are looking forward to careers and are at a place of endings and new beginnings.

June is a month of new beginnings for gardeners and farmers since it is traditionally the month of new crops and beautiful gardens filled with wonderful blooms and scents. We’ve seen a change in our weather patterns this year though and for many the ground is still too wet to get tractors in to fields and gardens are coming up haphazardly if at all for maybe too much rain and not enough dry days or too much dry and not enough rain.

The Universal Law of cause and effect can be just that the volcano we had April 14, 2010 near Reykjavik is going to affect our weather for a long time to come. I’ve mentioned that event many times when I hear people musing over the change in weather. That volcano was worse that Mt. St. Helen’s by far and our weather will be affected for a few years because of that one event. What is happening in Japan is having repercussions not only for the Japanese but for the world.

Native Americans have been known for their council decisions being thought out to the seventh generation. Can you imagine what things we might not have built that are now causing us devastation if we had the foresight to think so far ahead.

Be mindful, think more than once before doing something or saying something that has the possibility of creating an effect. I’m told everything we do and say causes an effect so mindfulness would be an integral part of the life of people who want to walk gently on our earth.

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