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July The Seventh Month

                                                                (7) In Numerology

In numerology, the number 7 is considered a highly spiritual and energetically gifted number. The number 7 is unique in that it can divide the number of Eternity and continue on for as long as the number representing Eternity exists. It is at the same time capable at every addition of itself of producing the number 9. Consequently the number 7 creates the basic numbers upon which all material calculations are built and through which thought is expressed. It is a “magic” number appearing often in the Bible related to magical powers.
There are:
  •  7  colors in the spectrum
  • 7  notes in the musical scale
  • 7  features in the human head
  • 7  outside petals in flowers of a pure strain (never cross-pollinating with other plants) like the Lotus flower
  • 7 Chakras
  • 7 days in our week
The Moon, the planet which has the greatest influence upon the rhythms of our lives, has a four-phased cycle (a lunar month). Each phase lasts 7 days – our week.
This number represents the triumph of spirit over matter, the union of three plus four, of heaven and earth and of life and substance.
The 7th Universal Law – The Law of Compensation
The Law of Compensation is about giving and receiving and is aligned with the Law of Cause and Effect which is about how we create and experience the consequences of our creations. Some call these consequences Fate others Karma, others Coincidence. It doesn’t matter what you call it, the Law of Compensation takes it all up a level directly responding to the level of “energy” we but into our actions.
Through the Law of Compensation we receive according to what we give. And, the more we give, the more we receive.
Universal Laws are without judgment and always says, “Yes!” So when we “give” faith, belief, trust, and love that is what the Universe gives back to us. When we give fear, doubt, judgment, and criticism the Universe gives us more of that. And, if we are giving with an expectation of some kind of return we are still coming from an aspect of fear and we will receive more of the energy of fear.
What isn’t Love is always Fear. I’ve read and heard that said and I believe it. We certainly have various words to describe what we call positive and negative, good and bad, right and wrong. I believe at the root we come from either Love or Fear.
I believe everything is energy and all is alive. I also believe we manifest with our every thought. If I have fears of failure, fear of lack or fear of rejection about some feature of my life, I’m asking the Universe for more failure, lack and rejection. If I have faith that all things happen perfectly and I trust in that faith that is what the Universe provides me with.
There is a song I like very much and the chorus has this phrase in it:
“Let our Giveaway be sacred, let our Giveaway be true. Give away to the Giveaway, life force coming through.”
I’ve never been harmed by giving of myself, my time or my “things”. My life has been blessed by what I’ve given. I believe in balance and that everything in the Universe exists in balance. For me it follows that if we give with our whole heart and without expectation we will receive accordingly.
Giving in this manner lets us receive in ways that are more wonderful than we could ever imagine.
I’ve probably told this story here before but I’m going to tell it again. I grew up on a farm in Eastern Washington and I was in high school, my father was ill with something the doctors couldn’t define. What he couldn’t do was raise his arms or lift anything without having the pains associated with heart attack. We had been granted an allotment to raise sugar beets that year and he was sick and in hospital when it was nearing the time to harvest our crop.
My mother was with him two-hundred miles away at the hospital. Alone, on the farm I’d been having nightmares (and day-mares). I was afraid that I didn’t know enough to get our crop in and it would spoil in the ground.
One day I was in our front yard, looking out over our beautiful farm and I began to sing. I don’t even remember what I was singing but it lifted my spirits. I had been singing for quite a while when I became aware that the ground was shaking under my feet. I stopped singing only to hear the sound of heavy equipment moving up our road.
As I stood there trucks and a sugar beet harvester turned into our driveway in a convoy and someone jumped down from one of the machines to ask it I’d lead the way to our beets.
I can never tell this story without having tears of gratitude. Our neighbors had heard about my dad being in hospital and they knew we had sugar beets so they just came and they harvested our crop for us.
That is how the Universe works in my life. I have faith that the Universe will work that way in your life as well. “We are what we think about all day long.” (Wayne Dyer).

Have a happy and safe 4th of July and may you walk in balance.


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