Saturday, January 14, 2012

What we do for Friends

Sometimes there are people who come into your life who are so very precious and make such an impact that you will do everything you can to help them when they are having life events.

This year has been a year of people who have been in and around my life for years some who I have an ongoing relationship with and some where the frequencies of our lives have changed from harmony to disharmony and we have moved apart.

I wrote about the Law of Frequency earlier in the year. How people we might have thought we would be close friends, even family together for life begin to move away from us or we move away from them, either suddenly or over time. I often hear people tell me how guilty they have felt when they don’t feel close to a person any more. That Universal Law talks about just this thing.

It tells us not to place blame or feel shame or anger when a relationship is no longer viable or even marginally happy. After doing all we can to repair and revitalize the relationship if we still find we and they are unhappy with each other, do not labor any longer to try to fix something that may not be broken at all. This relationship may have moved into disharmony or another to say that is to say we and they are vibrating at different frequencies than we did previously.

And, sometimes allowing these relationships to just be what they are and continue on in our lives to grow and change as it appears we are all meant to do, after time has passed sometimes these we or they after making our changes find ourselves resonating together again.

This happened to me in August of this year. Several things happened in accordance with the Law of Harmony (frequency). After my one and only husband died in December, his children – the children of my heart have been in contact with me often as have the children of my brother who died weeks after my husband who died weeks after his best friend and best man at our wedding.

I have gone “Walk-about” from time to time throughout the years and in doing that many relationships have been neglected. One of my ex-husband’s kids searched me out and found me about three years ago and threatened me severely if I ever dropped out of sight again. That made me realize how important it is to stay connected to those we love. I was selfish in just driving away after my mother died, following the nose of my vehicle, going here and there staying with friend/s for awhile, then moving on looking for who I had become and where I needed to settle next.

One friend who is not only a friend but like one of my “daughters” was one such person where our personal vibrations changed and we needed to leave one another alone for awhile. She re-entered my life during a life event for her. I have been happy to be of service to her and to renew our friendship of many years.

Instead of going missing-in-action from my friends and family – this time I stopped updating the website and stopped writing for you. I apologize for just leaving everything as it was in August this year.

I started to write on the next Universal Law today and saw that in fact I had finished the Eight Universal Laws in August. So in looking at what has happened in my life since then, I came to realize that I have been invested in being of service to friends and family and creating new friendships through the work I do. I just checked my mailbox Sunday morning and found a box I expected to be a book – which was really a box of goodies from one of my client/friends near Spokane, WA. I have jokingly been calling her the “cookie lady” because she sent me cookies once for what she considered to be over and above what I charged her for the work we did on her computer.

I am more in the spirit of Christmas this year than I have been in the last fifteen years. Friends of mine who are the most amazing people invite me for computer work, dinner and movies every other week or so. They both have health issues and you wouldn’t know it unless you spent some time with them. We laugh and cry together and that’s before the movies start. Their little dog is a grand dame who runs their household like she should. This past weekend they invited me to decorate cookies. I haven’t decorated a Christmas baked good since the kids and I made a Gingerbread house. I got the gingerbread people. They got sprinkles, no sprinkles, goofy hair or no hair and one of them is shown from the back, wearing a green and red backpack and goofy hair. I had a grand time. I spent four or five hours and decorated ten cookies and ate one. I think Mrs. Claus would have docked my pay.

Years ago I was asked to be a designated payee for a friend who was ill and needed someone to pay his bills for him for awhile. Having been bookkeeper for many businesses as well as my own this task was within my range or skills and I was happy to do this service for him until he was able to begin managing his own finances again. I’ve been doing that kind of thing for another friend since August as well as writing stories for my husband and brother’s kids about hunting, fishing and camping they did that the kids might not have been a part of or were too young to remember very well.

The one year anniversary of the death of the kids father was just a few days ago. When I came home from an afternoon and evening decorating cookies with my other pals I saw a shadowy thing at the top of the stairs down to my house. As I approached the stairs I saw it was a vase of flowers – Yellow Roses. My husband bought me yellow roses for every occasion as he knew they were my favorites. It had begun to freeze that evening so I hurried the flowers into my house and then went back for the rest of the car stuff. When I looked at them set upon the end table in my living room/office. They had dewy water spots on them and shimmered with the light. I had a little cry and am now drying the petals to keep for potpourri.

The next morning I checked email and saw one from the next youngest kid who sent me a thank you email for a special story I wrote for her for her birthday which is also her dad’s death day. I had to cry a little more at the warm words she wrote to me. How could I ever put those connections in jeopardy by just dropping off the face of the earth for three or four years?

By now there should be a new addition to our family or will be soon as my niece is due any minute. My computer is behaving like a machine and won’t let me in to one of the social networks so I can see if she has had our newest family member. I’ve been so excited for her I went a lot nuts over the baby shower – but then what are Aunties for?

Well then, there you have it. Sometimes we are humming along at the same frequency as others and sometimes we aren’t. People who love us just chew us out and let us back in. I love them all friend and family with every beat of my heart.

Have a very harmonic holiday season and may 2012 bring peace, joy and ginger cookies to you all.

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